Enclosed below are previous  BBPlan Newsletters sent to members, with a brief synopsis of their content.


11th July ’21 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)  –  Draft response to the planning application for 42 dwellings, access, parking & landscaping for the land east of Rhee Springs (known as BA4).

4th June ’21 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Notification of the virtual AGM meeting on June 24th, to confirm the Committee members for 2021/22.  If you are interested in joining or have a nominee for the committee, or require further details of the Zoom meeting,  email  .

20th April ’21 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  The Referendum vote will be held on 6th May ’21, alongside the Councillors votes.  Posters have been created to publicise the Referendum vote.  Copies are available from the BBPlan website and the Committee for advertising the vote.  Information will also be given in the local press and on Facebook.

11th Feb ’21 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf) –  NHDC accepted the Neighbourhood Plan in Jan 2021.   The Plan now goes forward to a Referendum Vote on 6th May ’21.   Final version of the Neighbourhood Plan available on the BBPlan website.  Campaign started to increase awareness of the Plans purpose, and the need to vote on 6th May.  Awareness articles to be placed in local Press and Media.


4th Oct ’20 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –   Local Plan Hearings postponed.  Neighbourhood Plan consultation took place 12th Feb to 25th Mar 2020, and an Independant Examiner has reviewed the Plan.  The Plan was considered by NHDC Cabinet meeting on 15th Sept 2020.  Public Consultation expected in Spring 2021.
HCC have advertised for a new ‘Development Partner’ for the north of Baldock site.

13th Feb ’20 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Neighbourhood Plan submitted to NHDC in Dec ’19, approved in Jan ’20 to go forward to Consultation, which started on Wed 12th Feb and runs until Wed 25th March 2020.


19th Mar ’19 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  BBPlan Public Consultation to be in Apr / May ’19, with BBPlan info. stall at Baldock Festival on Sat 18th May ’19.  Nominees requested for election to BBPlan Committee.

21st Jan ’19 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Details of NHDC Consultation in Jan – Apr ’19, and NHDC changes proposed to Baldock housing sites BA3 & BA4.


29th Sept ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Public review of Draft BBPlan Design guidelines to be held at St Mary’s Church Hall on Mon 8th Oct ’18, at 7pm.

10th Aug ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Gives BBplan progress so far,
with the 1st Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, and a Summary of the 1st Plan

18th May ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Feedback from Thurs 15th Mar ’18 Public Meeting, with Knights Templar pupils presentations, and Baldock Street Festival stall on 19th May ’18.

15th Mar ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter – public meeting  (pdf)   –  Notification of Public Meeting at Knights Templar School on Thurs 15th Mar.  To include BBPlan AGM.

Jan ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter – Questionnaire  (pdf)   –  Notification that BBPlan Survey Questionnaire will be circulated in January 2018.


21st Dec ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  NHDC Local Plan being reviewed by Planning Inspector.  BBPlan Survey Questionaire to be circulated in Jan ’18.

17th Oct ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  – Elections of Committee 2017  (pdf)   –  Details of current BBPlan committee members, and request for new / additional committee members.

1st Aug ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Summary of Planning application submitted by HCC (Herts County Council), and concerns raised to them by BBPlan.

8th June ’17 – meeting notes (pdf)   –  Summary of 8th June meeting, with presentations by Michael Bingham & Christine Watson (re public opinions gathered on BBPlan Stall at Baldock Festival).

8th June ’17 – meeting notification (pdf)   –  Reminder of public meeting at St Mary’s Church Hall on Thurs 8th June, and success of BBPlan stall at Baldock Festival.

13 Mar ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Formal application made to NHDC to register Neighbourhood Plan. website created, with constitution & map of planning area from NHDC.  BBPlan stall to be set up at Baldock Festival on Sat 13th May ’17.


21 Nov ’16 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Thanks given to members for attending the initial BBPlan meeting.  Confirm committee members for the coming year.

23 Sept ’16 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Initial Newsletter to BBPlan members, saying the Neighbourhood Planning Group has been set up with an interim committee.  Members invited to volunteer to join the committee.