* Recent Planning Applications

Enclosed below are details of known recent large Planning applications within the Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall area.

 *  Land East of Rhee Spring development  (BA4) 

A proposal by  Chalkdene Developments LLP,  for the development of 42 dwellings on the Land East of Rhee Spring (BA4) has been made public (see their Consultation website).  The Neighbourhood Plan,  having now been approved by NHDC,  has been considered during the planning process.

The developer has referred to the Neighbourhood Plan and has tried to comply with its policies by
o   Proposing energy efficient homes
o   Providing good walking and cycling connections
o   Making arrangements to limit the impact of construction activity on local residents.

The developer has also met with the BBPlan committee and we have had the opportunity to ask for further improvements such as –
o   Better planting and a softer edge where it meets the open space to the East
o   Improvements to the visual impact on Royston Road
o   High quality design in line with the Neighbourhood Plan.

BBPlan have compiled a draft Response to formal planning application BA4 regarding the consultation for the above site.  The consultation period closes on 16th July 2021.

Please note that this draft Response  is not intended to replace individuals submitting their views directly to the council. It is imperative that all views are submitted by as many residents as possible. This draft response is designed to augment those responses.


* NHDC Planning website

The NHDC Planning website can be searched to find details of other developments within the Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall areas.


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