Latest news regarding the Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan ‘Made’ by NHDC Cabinet on Tues  29th June 2021

During the NHDC (North Herts District Council) Cabinet meeting on Tues 29th June, the Neighbourhood plan was formally adopted (Made) and will now come into force.  It should be considered during future Planning activities in the area.

Neighbourhood Plan approved by a referendum vote  on Thur  6th May 2021

6th May 2021  –  88% (3101 votes)  of Referendum respondents voted in favour of NHDC adopting the Plan. It will come into force as soon as the NHDC Cabinet formally adopt (Make) the Plan.

The  Jan 2021 version of the Neighbourhood Plan   was approved by NHDC as ready for a referendum vote in Jan 2021.  The referendum vote took place  on Thurs 6 May 2021, when 88% (3101) residents voted in favour of NHDC adopting the Plan.

Further details of the Referendum vote and associated documents may be found on the History page.

Land East of Rhee Spring development (BA4)

We now have our first example of how the Neighbourhood Plan can help shape future development in the area. A proposal by  Chalkdene Developments LLP  for the development of 42 dwellings on the Land East of Rhee Spring (BA4) has been made public (see their Consultation website).  As the Neighbourhood Plan has now been approved by NHDC, it has to be considered during the planning process.
More details of the BA4 development are available on the  Planning  page


We have got to this stage following an enormous amount of work by many people in the local community, and most recently following a vote by NHDC’s Cabinet to ‘make’ the Neighbourhood Plan.

A very small number of changes were made to the  Jan 2021 version of the Neighbourhood Plan   following the Examiner’s report, but he endorsed the vast majority of the plan, including the importance of keeping a gap between Baldock and Bygrave, requirements for improved facilities and for well designed and sustainable development.

Baldock’s Urban Extension Programme

The local paper, the Comet reported on 24th June 2021 that Herts County Council (HCC) have appointed Urban&Civic as the master developer for the Baldock area.  This is to progress HCC’s plans for the new developments around Baldock, once the revised version of the NHDC Local Plan is made available by the Inspector (in 2022).
HCC expect to submit a new planning application, for the whole of Baldock, after the Local Plan hearings conclude.  In the meantime, focus will be on the land marked as B4 in the Local Plan.  As this land is not part of the Green Belt it is not subject to Local Plan approval and timetable.

The article in the Comet reports that the changes suggested by the Inspector, Simon Berkeley, would see Baldock’s Local Plan housing contribution reduce from 3,386 to 2198 (within the Plan period to 2031).   These changes were proposed as part of a HCC / NHDC consultation, which ended on June 24th 2021.

In the consultation document, the proposed modifications for Baldock are given in MM205, MM207 (BA3) & MM210 (which proposes BA1 houses reduced from 2800 to 2500,  with 1400 completed within the Plan period to 2031).   FM117 gives the details for Bygrave.