Sources – Neighbourhood Planning

Below are links to various documents and websites which contain more details of Neighbourhood Planning, and how to create a Neighbourhood plan.

There are also links to Maps & reports from HCC,  evidence based documents from NHDC,  documents specific to Baldock and the land to the north of Baldock,  and links to the NHDC Local Plan.

An introduction to neighbourhood planning can be found at.. –

Neighbourhood Planning Information website
– how to create a Plan, etc

Steps 1 to 4,  Make a Poster,  Support  and Case Studies.  Site has downloadable PDFs with more information  – see

My Community – Includes Neighbourhood Planning in a Nutshell, and how to Register an Asset of Community Value. Has a map of current UK Plans and Community Assets

Locality – Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide – with pdf  –  Neighbourhood-planning-roadmap 2016

NHDC Neighbourhood Planning pages, with details of Eleven other NPs in the area –

Bygrave Parish Council – local details and information

Clothall and Luffenhall Parish  – local details and information

Reports and maps produced for HCC (Hertfordshire County Council) by WYG on Nov 11th 2014

1 Feasibility Report of Land North & South of Baldock for housing
map 1 – proposed land to the North & South of Baldock
map 2 – proposed land to the North of Baldock
map 3 – proposed land to the South of Baldock

2 Viability Report of Land North & South of Baldock for housing

NHDC Local Plan Evidence Base Documents

The NHDC Local Plan website includes a link to  the Examination Library , which contains many documents associated with producing the Local Plan, with updated documents in the local-plan-examination-documents .

Some of the documents included below –

Open Space Review Standards Review (2016)   (pdf)

North Herts Playing Pitch Assessment Report (2015)  (pdf)

North Herts Indoor Sports FacilitiesAssessment (2016) (pdf)

LP Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2016)  (pdf)

North Herts Green Belt Review – Draft July 2016 (1) Pages 1-90  (pdf)
North Herts Green Belt Review – Draft July 2016-(2) Pages 91-152  (pdf)
(see pages 103-106 & 125 only). Assesses extent to which potential development sites contribute towards the purposes of the Green Belt.

HOU13 – Site Information Matrix (2016)  (pdf)
(relevant sites only)

E4 – North Herts Employment Land Review (2013)  (pdf)
(pages 76-78 & 115-116: assessment of employment sites in Baldock)

Employment Background Paper Sept 2016  (pdf)
(pages 14-15 – justification and assumptions for major new employment site at Baldock)

E1 – North Herts Retail Study (2016)  (pdf)
(pages47-62 & Annex C –   latter contains detailed profile of Baldock town centre, including its strengths and weaknesses).


Documents about Baldock itself

Character_statement – Baldock Conservation Area (2003):  (pdf)

Register_of_buildings_of_local_importance in Baldock (2003): (pdf)

Baldock_Town_Centre_Strategy (2006):  (pdf)

Map of Baldock town centre,  Conservation area & Listed buildings (2005):  (pdf)

Town Centre Improvements – end of scheme report (undated)  (pdf)

ORD9 – Urban Design assessment SPD July 2011  (pdf)

ORD9a – Urban Design assessment SPD – Appendix 2 Final Plans   (pdf)

Documents about development to the north of Baldock

CG4 – Land north of Baldock Landscape Sensitivity Study (2013)  (pdf)

CG3 – Land north of Baldock – Opportunities and Constraints Map (2013)  (pdf)

NHE2 – Heritage Assessment – inpacts of developing to the north of Baldock  (pdf)

NHE8 – BA1 Baldock – Corn Bunting assessment (2016)   (pdf)

NHE9 – BA1 Baldock – Ivel Springs Nature Reserve  (pdf)

A few of the many sites with details of Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall

Visions of Baldock 1801 to 2001

Baldock Info in Wikipedia

British History – the Parish of Baldock

British History – the Parish of Bygrave

British History – the Parish of Clothall


Report of the Strategic Director of Planning, Housing & Environment to the Council.
Voted to be sent to the Inspector at the NHDC Council meeting, Tues 11th April 2017

The Report gives an overview of NHDC arguments for the Local Plan.
Appendix 1 lists towards the end (P73), the counts of objections received per area.
For SP14: BA1 Land north of Baldock, there were 284 objections.
Appendix 3 has an interesting diagram at the end re planned development areas.
Appendix 4 has the Local Plan timetable on page 9.

Summary of NHDC Local Plan  Towns, Sites and houses (pdf)  as at 171130.

* The Local Plan Inspector – Hearings in 2019,  2020  & 2021

NHDC put forward some additional main modifications to the Local Plan relating to Barkway and Site BK3, policy SP9:  Design and Sustainability and to the Strategic Housing Policies (Policies SP14 to SP19 inclusive).  These sessions were held  on Monday 1 Feb 2021 & Tues 2 Feb 2021 and can be viewed on the the  NHDC Council’s YouTube channel

Background – In July 2019, the Local Plan Inspector Simon Berkeley asked NHDC for additional comments relating to the Number of Houses and Green Belt  (see Inspectors letter –  ED166 LP Inspector letter to NHDC on 9 July 2019 .  This letter can be found in the NHDC – local-plan-examination-documents , with the NHDC response.

In March 2020,  the Inspector announced dates for further NHDC Hearings , these being  from Mon 16th Mar to Thurs 26th Mar 2020.  They were to be held in the Icknield Centre, Letchworth;  the same venue as the previous hearings.  The announcement included Guidance Notes  and the Schedule for Further Matters, Issues and Questions .  Due to the 2020 Corona Virus outbreak, these meetings were posponed by the Inspector, Simon Berkeley on 13th March 2020.  See Postponement of Hearing Sessions March 2020 letter to NHDC.

On 16th Aug 20, the Inspector published revised dates ( see email ) for the Local Plan hearing sessions, to be held virtually in September and October 2020.  The email included the following documents –
ED193 Guidance Notes Final 14.8.20
ED194 Further MIQs 14.8.20
ED195 Draft NHDC hearings programme & participants Sept_Oct 2020 V1 15..8

In September 2020 these meetings were delayed due to a call for an Extraordinary Council meeting on 8th October 2020, to discuss the number of houses required and the use of green space.  On Sunday 11th October 2020, an  email  was received from the Inspector, saying the hearings would resume on Monday 23rd Nov 2020, and included a  timetable (with Attendees)  for the meetings.

The hearing sessions were held ‘virtually’ and live streamed on the Council’s YouTube channel.  They were also recorded to Video to enable people to listen to the sessions at a later date if they were not able to watch them when they are taking place.
The revised NHDC Local Plan, which is still with the Inspector (as of April 2022), is expected to be published in a few months time.