Enclosed below are previous  BBPlan Newsletters sent to members, with a brief synopsis of their content.


19th Mar ’19 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  BBPlan Public Consultation to be in Apr / May ’19, with BBPlan info. stall at Baldock Festival on Sat 18th May ’19.  Nominees requested for election to BBPlan Committee.

21st Jan ’19 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Details of NHDC Consultation in Jan – Apr ’19, and NHDC changes proposed to Baldock housing sites BA3 & BA4.


29th Sept ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Public review of Draft BBPlan Design guidelines to be held at St Mary’s Church Hall on Mon 8th Oct ’18, at 7pm.

10th Aug ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Gives BBplan progress so far,
with the 1st Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan, and a Summary of the 1st Plan

18th May ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)    –  Feedback from Thurs 15th Mar ’18 Public Meeting, with Knights Templar pupils presentations, and Baldock Street Festival stall on 19th May ’18.

15th Mar ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter – public meeting  (pdf)   –  Notification of Public Meeting at Knights Templar School on Thurs 15th Mar.  To include BBPlan AGM.

Jan ’18 – BBPlan Newsletter – Questionnaire  (pdf)   –  Notification that BBPlan Survey Questionnaire will be circulated in January 2018.


21st Dec ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  NHDC Local Plan being reviewed by Planning Inspector.  BBPlan Survey Questionaire to be circulated in Jan ’18.

17th Oct ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  – Elections of Committee 2017  (pdf)   –  Details of current BBPlan committee members, and request for new / additional committee members.

1st Aug ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Summary of Planning application submitted by HCC (Herts County Council), and concerns raised to them by BBPlan.

8th June ’17 – meeting notes (pdf)   –  Summary of 8th June meeting, with presentations by Michael Bingham & Christine Watson (re public opinions gathered on BBPlan Stall at Baldock Festival).

8th June ’17 – meeting notification (pdf)   –  Reminder of public meeting at St Mary’s Church Hall on Thurs 8th June, and success of BBPlan stall at Baldock Festival.

13 Mar ’17 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Formal application made to NHDC to register Neighbourhood Plan. website created, with constitution & map of planning area from NHDC.  BBPlan stall to be set up at Baldock Festival on Sat 13th May ’17.


21 Nov ’16 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Thanks given to members for attending the initial BBPlan meeting.  Confirm committee members for the coming year.

23 Sept ’16 – BBPlan Newsletter  (pdf)   –  Initial Newsletter to BBPlan members, saying the Neighbourhood Planning Group has been set up with an interim committee.  Members invited to volunteer to join the committee.