Role & Planning page

BBPlan Role & the Planning page

–    To check any planning applications that are made in the area.  NHDC notify the committee of all planning applications via email.

–    Review the applications and bring any to the attention of the committee and BBPlan members that are considered relevant.

–    Maintain the BBPlan website with details of any large scale planning applications and consultations.

–    Liaise with NHDC and any developers who make applications in the area.

–    Prepare formal representations to any consultations that are set up. This should include setting out the suggested response on the website, making BBPlan members aware and giving them the opportunity to comment before submission.

–    This does not pre-empt the importance of residents submitting their own responses to any consultations. The committee’s response is meant to reinforce residents’ opinions not be a substitute for them.

–    Encourage a wider membership from Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall through further publicity.