Photos & Video

Below are Photos and Video showing the sites within the Baldock area which will be affected by the proposed NHDC Local Plan development.

All of these areas will need consideration as part of Neighbourhood Planning within Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall.

Sites south of Baldock –  BA2 & BA3

BA2 is the area of land just below the Mobile Homes site, extending down to the A507 Buntingford Road, west of the Baldock Southern Bypass.

View from A507 Buntingford Road, looking across site BA2, up towards the Mobile homes and Weston Hills.

Looking across site B2, towards B3 and Clothall Common

The video below looks down on the BA2 proposed housing area. Starting over the allotments, passing south along the A507 Buntingford Road, with the Bypass on the left (south), and the Mobile homes site in the middle distance.

BA3 is the area of land south of Clothall Common estate, extending from Tapps Garden Centre across to Baldock Bypass, and south towards the A507 Buntingford Road, near the Allotments.

View from Westen Hills, with BA2 in near distance, BA3 in middle distance towards Clothall Common, with the Baldock Bypass to the right (south) and Tapps Garden Centre on the left (north).   The BA1 land is in the far distance,  towards Bygrave village.

The video below looks down on the BA3 proposed housing area.  Starting east of Clothall Common, passing west along the Baldock Bypass towards the A507 Buntingford Road.   Tapps Garden Centre can be seen in the near distance.


Sites north of Baldock –  BA1 & BA10 & BA4

Walking from Royston Road roundabout, over proposed BA10 industrial land to the railway.  The BA1 land north of the railway extends into the distance


Walking from Royston Road roundabout, over proposed BA10 industrial land to the railway, and across BA1 land up to Bygrave.  Some BA1 land can be seen north of the railway


Walking from the railway, across BA1 land up to Bygrave.  More BA1 land can be seen to the west of Bygrave.


The video below looks down on the BA1 proposed housing area to the North of Baldock. Starting from North Road, passing east across 177 hectares of farming land, almost to Bygrave. The railway forms the southern boundary, and the bridle way the northern boundary.


Photo of walk around BA10 & BA1 looking back to the railway

Photo from BA1 looking back over fields to Railway, across to Clothall BA4, and up to Weston Hills, above BA3.


The video below looks  down on the proposed housing area BA4 to the south of the Royston Road, adjacent to Clothall Common. The camera passes west over the proposed Business area BA10, between the Royston Road and the Railway.

Full details of each Site and the number of proposed houses per site can be seen on the Maps page