The Pre-submission Consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan will run from 7th May until 18th June 2019

Please support the plan by giving us your comments on this draft so that we can ensure that the final version, which will be submitted to NHDC, truely reflects the wishes of the residents and businesses of the town and surrounding parishes.  (See below for details of how this can be done)

There was an exhibition of the plan in the community centre on Fri 3rd & Sat 4th May 2019. There will be a further opportunity to meet the committee and discuss your views at the Street Fair on 18th May. The display boards used for these exhibitions can be found below.

Consultation on the draft Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall Neighbourhood Plan

(Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012)

Tuesday 7 May 2019 until midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2019

The Neighbourhood Plan has been produced to get the best possible outcome for Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall from whatever development takes place here in the coming years. The Neighbourhood Plan can’t stop new development, but we can use it to get a better deal that reflects the views of the community.

Please take this opportunity to let us have your views about the Neighbourhood Plan. It has been produced entirely by volunteers drawn from local community organisations, following feedback received through a number of community events. You can read a summary of what’s in the plan, or download a full copy, from the links below.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan and its accompanying Design Guidelines are available for comment for 6 weeks from Tuesday 7 May 2019 until midnight on Tuesday 18th June 2019. You can respond using our online survey available from 7 May.

The Neighbourhood Plan and its supporting documents are available here:

 Summary of what the Neighbourhood Plan contains

Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall Neighbourhood Plan (consultation draft)
Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall Design Guidelines

Strategic Environmental Assessment screening determination
Evidence Report

– Exhibition boards

Survey Responses:

Please complete the survey online where-ever possible. Please take a look at the Neighbourhood Plan and the Design Guidelines above before completing the survey.

Click on the icon when you are ready to begin….

If for any reason you cannot use the survey, you can download a copy of the response form…

Survey Response Form

This form should be returned to by 18th June 2019. Hard copies of the form are also available from one of three collection points, to which completed forms can be returned (by posting them in one of our collection boxes):

–  Baldock Community Centre
–  Bygrave Church
–  Clothall Church


The group really do welcome your feedback and the results of the consultation will be published in a Consultation Report and used to inform any changes that need to be made to the plan.


Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall Planning Group

This group (BBPlan) was created to enable residents, businesses and community groups in Baldock, Bygrave and Clothall to influence the conservation, enhancement and future development of the area, including proposals that come forward through the District Council’s Local Plan.

The Neighbourhood plan does not seek to duplicate work already included in the Local Plan. It focuses on specific interests of the local community that have been identified through our events and last year’s community survey. If successful at a referendum, the plan will be used by NHDC alongside the Local Plan to manage development in the area, and provide a basis for wider actions to enhance Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall.

Why a Neighbourhood Plan is needed

Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall share a lot of history and form a thriving community. Baldock has excellent schools, a successful High Street and a strong community spirit. Since the building of the bypass a lot of work has been done to enhance the centre of the town. With the ever increasing pressure to find new sites for housing, North Hertfordshire District Council has proposed the development of land around Baldock that has previously been considered unsuitable (some of which straddles the boundaries between Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall).

Whatever happens with this, it is important that any sites that are allocated for development are planned in the best way possible, that the impacts are managed and that every opportunity is taken to maximise any benefits that can be secured for the town and parish. The local community are well placed to understand those issues and develop a new vision for Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall that addresses local concerns.

So what is a neighbourhood plan?

In summary it provides a vision and policies for an area, produced and endorsed by local people, and which – once finalised – has equal weight to the District Council’s Local Plan as a framework for considering future development. It provides an opportunity to set out what is important about the area, how it might grow and improve, and specific policies that planning applications need to be assessed against (e.g. on design, green space, provision for pedestrians and cyclists, parking, etc). There are some limits on what it can do. It cannot override the ‘strategic’ policies in the District Council’s local plan (such as those on the overall scale of growth), but it can nevertheless be an important means of influencing the final outcome.

The Group needs as many members and support as it can possibly have. We urge all Bygrave, Baldock and  Clothall Residents to get behind this initiative.  For more details, please contact

The current committee is made up of:-

Rev’d Andrew Holford             Chair
Michael Bingham                       Technical Consultant
Rob Hemmings                          Treasurer
Philip Hills                                  Bygrave Parish Council Chair
Rachel Kelley                             Clothall (with Luffenhall) Parish
Stephen Proops                         Technical Communication Manager
Albert Sillwood                          Secretary
Adrienne Waterfield                 Project Manager
Christine Watson                      Community Liaison Coordinator

All members above stood for re-election in October 2018,  however in order to keep the group going we would very much welcome new volunteers.

Constitution of the Group

set out in the pdf document – BBPlan Constitution

BBPlan Logo